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Both planted a U. S flag, and ran a few simple scientific tests. Both astronauts were back in the lunar module by 1: On July 24, the Apollo 11 safely splashed down in the Pacific Ocean at Apollo 11 July 20, marks the moment when humanity experienced what it would be like to become a multi-planet species. It also marks when human courage and ingenuity showed us what we could do if we work together toward a transcendent goal.

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With his camera recording the fantastic, totally unreal scene for his home planet, Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong climbed down a nine-rung ladder from the cabin of the landing craft called Eagle, and became the first man to step on the moon. Excerpts of talks between Apollo 11 crew and mission control.

Nineteen minutes later, Edwin E. It may unlock many secrets of the universe and provide clues to how it all started. The astronauts collected more than 50 pounds of lunar rocks and soil, the most valuable payload science has ever known. Many scientists on earth believe that when these rocks are studied on earth they will show a record of the solar system as it was when it was formed - untarnished by wind and weather in the airless wastes of the moon. The astronauts left two self contained, automated scientific experiments on the moon.

One will answer the age-old question of whether the moon is internally active, like the earth, or cold and inert like a meteorite. The two men planted the American flag on the moon - not as a sign of acquisition of territory but as a sign of the nation which was willing to spend the energy and money to carry out this adventure.

And they got a warm telephone call of congratulations from President Nixon, , miles away on earth. Some ask about tasks the astronauts did while in orbit. Some question whether or not the moon missions were real. Start off by doing light or basic research on Apollo Doing this can help you approach the subject slowly without getting overwhelmed. This can include reading short articles on the subject or checking out books at the library. Try to answer basic questions such as who was part of the mission, why was it named Apollo 11, on what day did the mission occur?

Basic research may eventually turn into something more extensive once you find an area of interest. If you want to include photos with your research paper, review sources that offer a unique selection of photos. Some may have photos you can use for this purpose.

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Apollo 11 Research Paper Help Apollo 11 is a significant space flight mission that occurred during the late s. It included an array of achievements from 3 astronauts who made history flying into outer space.

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Apollo 11 took off with astronauts, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins. The commander of the mission was, year-old civilian research pilot, Neil Armstrong. Within 76 hours traveling , miles, Apollo 11 entered into a lunar orbit on July

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Research Paper On Apollo Apollo 11 Author Note This research is being submitted on May 24, , for Barton Pritzl’s G Introduction to Astronomy Course. Apollo 11 American astronauts Neil . Apollo 11 research paper module! I never do my math homework Can't wait to be back in my garden playing tequila full blast and doing work but not really, just smoking and watching my essay carefully.

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Research Papers words ( pages) Differences and Similarities: Apollo and Dionysus Essay - Differences and Similarities: Apollo and Dionysus In Greek Mythology a rivalry always occurs between certain Gods and Goddesses. Secondly, Apollo 11 established the United States as the leader of the cold war. This was particularly because the United States was competing with the Soviet Union. The third significance was the fact .