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The 10 Most Common Plastic Surgery Complications

1. Surgical Risks

❶This may be combined with a neck lift and tightening and a brow lift. Those who undergo plastic surgery run the risk of missing the feeling of fulfillment after they have undergone their procedure.

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1. Hematoma

Threadlifting [an alternative to a facelift that involves placing suture threads under the skin which are then pulled to 'lift' the face] was commonplace two years ago; now it's virtually been abandoned because the threads kept slipping and breaking,' he says. Meanwhile, doctors see an ever increasing number of people who want to know if problems caused by anti-ageing surgical procedures can be rectified.

Concerned about the standards of some UK practitioners, Samantha Hilton, a year-old TV producer, travelled to the States for liposuction to guarantee her dimple-free thighs for her wedding. The tops of my thighs, just under my bottom, were exactly the shape I'd hoped for, with smooth curves. But four years later, my skin has become dimply, discoloured and lumpy.

I bulge in places I never did before, and where I had the liposuction, my skin is paler than elsewhere with purple patches. There's also less elasticity. I decided to have surgery at a time when we didn't really know the long-term effects, but I now know that some areas of skin look older than the rest of me and it can only be the surgery that's accelerated the ageing.

In America and France, where anti-ageing procedures had been de rigueur for decades, the long-term effects are becoming more evident and many doctors are convinced cosmetic surgery can have an ageing effect. Dr Sam Hamra, based in Dallas, has developed a successful practice on the basis of his international reputation as the surgeon best qualified to correct the ageing effects of facelifts.

Much of his work is now corrective. And, after several years, the chickens really come home to roost. Within a year of surgery, the face seems to fall and several areas begin to show signs of tension and pull.

The eyes can become hollow which looks dreadfully ageing, and the patient is often left with an unnaturally overstretched look. The minute you commit to surgery on your face, you have to understand the risks of progressive disharmony because the ageing process will continue no matter what. Dr Georges Roman, a cosmetic doctor who specialises in non-invasive treatments at his clinics in Paris and London, says there has been a shift in attitude in France.

Aesthetically, patients can look much better for a few years if the surgery is good, but if they want to look good ten years later, surgery is not the answer because from the moment the skin is cut, the process of ageing accelerates.

We're learning that we need to work with the body to maintain youthful good looks rather than again st it. No comments have so far been submitted. Why not be the first to send us your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards.

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Long-Term Psychological Effects of Plastic Surgery. In this study, the researchers tested the plastic surgery patients before surgery as well as .

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A number of long-term highlighted the psychological impact of the cosmetic and plastic surgery on patients’ self-esteem and enjoyment of life after they have undergone surgical operation to alter some part of their body of feature of their looks.

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In a long-term study, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Margraf, Alexander von Humboldt Professor for Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at the RUB, investigated the psychological effects of plastic surgery on approximately patients in cooperation with colleagues from the University of Basel. Long Term Effects of Cosmetic Surgery. By Linda Ray, eHow Contributor Long Term Effects of Cosmetic Surgery In addition to the normal risks associated with surgery, including roblems with anesthesia, infection and doctor error, there are some hysical and sychological long! term effects associated with cosmetic surgery" #ne of the biggest .

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The long term effects of a facelift include reduction of the jowls, neck skin laxity, and improvement of the midcheek areas. This may be combined with a neck lift and tightening and a brow lift. Eyelid skin can also be reduced with a blepharoplasty procedure. Long-Term Positive Effects of Plastic Surgery. In recent years, plastic surgery has become increasingly popular. Some of this is secondary to societies acceptance of plastic surgery in helping people feel better about them self.