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Soliloquy Examples

Definition of Soliloquy

❶There are some similarities between the devices of soliloquy and monologue. Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.

Soliloquy and Monologue

Soliloquy Examples
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Soliloquy Definition

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Don’t be an oxymoron. Know your literary terms.

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Definition of Soliloquy. A soliloquy is a popular literary device often used in drama to reveal the innermost thoughts of a character. It is a great technique used to convey the progress of action of the play, by means of expressing a character’s thoughts about a certain character or past, present, or upcoming event, while talking to himself without .

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Definition of Soliloquy A soliloquy is a speech that a character makes in a work of drama only to him or herself. The soliloquy is presented for the audience to understand the character’s inner thoughts and feelings as though they were not being spoken at all.

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A soliloquy gives the audience an extended look at what the character is thinking and feeling, in his or her own words. In addition, the audience soliloquy is often a feature of “trickster” figures in literature. A soliloquy is a literary device, most often found in dramas, in which a character speaks to him or herself, relating his or her innermost thoughts and feelings as if thinking aloud. In some cases, an actor might direct a soliloquy directly to the audience, such that rather than the audience "overhearing" the character's spoken thoughts, the character is .

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Soliloquy is used in drama, and it is a speech spoken by a character to reveal his or her inner thoughts. Essentially, the character speaks to him or herself-regardless of whether others are on stage or not. Literature Glossary; Soliloquy; Literature Glossary Don’t be an oxymoron. Know your literary terms. Over literary terms, Shmooped to perfection. Soliloquy. Definition: A soliloquy is a super important monologue given by a character in a play who is alone on the stage. Think Hamlet's "To Be or Not To Be" speech. Because .