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Choose a record source

You can create a control that is bound to the selected field by dragging the field from the Field List pane to the report.

The Field List pane displays the fields of the report's underlying table or query. Alternatively, you can bind a field to a control by typing the field name in the control itself or in the box for the ControlSource value in the control's property sheet. The property sheet defines the characteristics of the control, such as its name, the source of its data, and its format. Using the Field List pane is the best way to create a control for two reasons:.

A bound control has an attached label, and the label takes the name of the field or the caption defined for that field in the underlying table or query as its caption by default, so you don't have to type the caption yourself. A bound control inherits many of the same settings as the field in the underlying table or query such as for the Format , DecimalPlaces , and InputMask properties.

Therefore, you can be sure that these properties for the field remain the same whenever you create a control that is bound to that field. If you already created an unbound control and want to bind it to a field, set the control's ControlSource property to the name of the field. After you create a report, you can easily fine-tune its design by working in Layout view. Using the actual report data as your guide, you can adjust the column widths, rearrange the columns, and add grouping levels and totals.

You can place new fields on the report design and set the properties for the report and its controls. To switch to Layout view, right-click the report name in the Navigation Pane and then click Layout View. Access shows the report in Layout view. You can use the property sheet to modify the properties for the report and its controls and sections. To display the property sheet, press F4. You can use the Field List pane to add fields from the underlying table or query to your report design.

To display the Field List pane, do one of the following:. You can then add fields by dragging them from the Field List pane to the report. You can also fine-tune your report's design by working in Design view. You can add new controls and fields to the report by adding them to the design grid. The property sheet gives you access to a large number of properties that you can set to customize your report. To switch to Design view, right-click the report name in the Navigation Pane and then click Design View.

Access shows the report in Design view. You can use the property sheet to modify the properties for the report itself and the controls and sections it contains. To add a single field, drag the field from the Field List pane to the section where you want it displayed on the report. To add several fields at once, hold down CTRL and click the fields that you want. Then, drag the selected fields onto the report. When you drop the fields onto a report section, Access creates a bound text box control for each field and automatically places a label control beside each field.

Some controls are created automatically, such as the bound text box control that is created when you add a field from the Field List pane to your report. Many other controls can be created in Design view by using the tools in the Controls group on the Design tab. Click the tool for the type of control that you want to add. For example, to create a check box, click the Check Box tool.

Click in the report design grid where you want to position the upper-left corner of the control. Click once to create a default-sized control, or click the tool and then drag in the report design grid to create a control of the size that you want.

If you don't position the control perfectly on the first try, you can move it by using the following procedure:.

Position the mouse pointer over the edge of the control until the pointer turns into a four-headed arrow. This procedure creates an "unbound" control. If the control is the type that can display data a text box or check box, for example , you need to enter a field name or expression in the ControlSource property for the control before it will display any data. See the Understand controls section in this topic for more information. To display the property sheet in Design view, do one of the following:.

On the Design tab, in the Tools group, click Property Sheet. After you save your report design, you can run the report as often as you need to.

The report's design stays the same, but you get current data every time you print or view the report. If your reporting needs change, you can modify the report design or create a new, similar report based on the original. Alternatively, click Save on the Quick Access Toolbar. If the report is untitled, type a name in the Report Name box, and then click OK.

After you save your report design, you can use it over and over again. The report's design stays the same, but you get current data every time you view or print the report.

There are several ways to view your report. Which method you choose depends on what you want to do with the report and its data:. If you want to make temporary changes to which data appears on the report before you print it, or if you want to copy data from the report to the clipboard, use Report view.

If you want to be able to change the design of the report while looking at the data, use Layout view. If your report is formatted with multiple columns, you can only see the column layout in Print Preview. Layout view and Report view display the report as a single column.

Report view is the default view that is used when you double-click a report in the Navigation Pane. If the report is not open, double-click the report in the Navigation Pane to see it in Report view. If the report is already open, right-click the report name in the Navigation Pane and then click Report View.

In Report view, you can select text and copy it to the clipboard. To select entire rows, click and drag in the margin next to the rows that you want to select. You can then copy these rows to the clipboard by doing one of the following:. On the Home tab, in the Clipboard group, click Copy. You can apply filters directly to your report without leaving Report view. Access creates and applies the filter. Click Clear Filter from fieldname.

Your actual field is listed for fieldname. Once a filter has been removed, you cannot switch it back on by using the Toggle Filter command. You must first re-create the filter. If you apply a filter to a report and then save and close the report, the filter will be saved. However, the next time you open the report, Access will not apply the filter.

Right-click the report in the Navigation Pane, and then click Print Preview on the shortcut menu. You can use the navigation buttons to view the pages of a report sequentially or to jump to any page in the report.

Click to display the first page. Click to display the previous page. Click to display the next page. Click to display the last page. In Print Preview, you can zoom in to see details or zoom out to see how well the data is positioned on the page.

With the cursor positioned over the report, click once. To reverse the effect of the zoom, click again. You can also use the zoom control on the Access status bar to zoom further in or out.

To close Print Preview, do one of the following:. After previewing your report, you can export the results to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or several other Office programs. On the External Data tab, in the Export group, click the button for the format that you want and follow the instructions. You can print a report while it is open in any view, or even while it is closed.

Before you print, be sure to double-check the page settings, such as the margins or page orientation. Access saves the page settings with the report, so you need to set them only once. You can set them again later, if your printing needs change. Open the report in Print Preview. You can change page settings in any view, but Print Preview is best because you can see the effects of any changes immediately.

On the Print Preview tab, in the Page Layout and Page Size groups, click Portrait or Landscape to set the page orientation, Size to set the paper size, Margins to adjust the margins, and so on. After you make a change, use the navigation buttons to view several pages to ensure that you haven't created any formatting problems on later pages.

Enter your choices for options such as printer, print range, and number of copies. You can send your report to recipients as an e-mail message instead of printing a paper copy:. In the Navigation Pane, click the report to select it.

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