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Outline of basketball


❶When there is contact, the referee makes a decision with the following basic principles in mind:. May 29, Mugizi Rwebangira rated it liked it.

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A player is generally described by the position or positions he or she plays, though the rules do not specify any positions. Positions are part of the strategy that has evolved for playing the game, and terminology for describing game play.

A tweener has a set of skills that do not match the traditional position of his physical stature. Basketball moves — individual actions used by players in basketball to pass by defenders to gain access to the basket or to get a clean pass to a teammate.

Required in order to take steps with the ball. Specialized entertainment teams include:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Index of basketball articles. Magic Johnson vs Larry…. Should College Athletes be Paid? I have always enjoyed sports. Ever since my first T-Ball game at age five, I have always been involved with many different sports.

In the next couple of pages I am going to tell you about my favorite sport, Volleyball. After experiencing everything from individual sports such as swimming and dance, to the team sports….

Undoubtedly, there is a long and tough way towards becoming a great and the famous sports star, not only persistent efforts but also talent are required. Few people on this field could accomplish great things like them.

As a reward, they deserve a higher compensation. However, in my opinion, they are paid a crazy amount…. Gender Bias in American Sports: Basketball topics for essays belong to a category of an article on the sport.

It is an exciting and interesting topic that evokes the desire to write. Many students feel happy to be able to prepare an assignment on basketball essay topics. The nature of this academic paper is similar to the other essays. It may be either descriptive or analytical depending on the main subject.

As is often the case a students gets a theme from his teacher of professor and starts working on it. In other cases, a member of the higher education institution has to prepare an essay by oneself, and it may turn too challenging. Everything becomes much more serious when a student gets a list of basketball research paper topics and has to prepare a whole thesis paper.

It is more voluminous and requires more efforts. One has to conduct a research gathering the necessary info and collect interesting facts and catchy material to prepare the highly informative paper. Basketball research topics vary. It can be either a discussion of the popularity of this kind of sport or its evaluation. Each basket is worth two points, foul shots are worth one point, and of course the three-point shot from outside the three-point line. Adding to the original 13 rules to basketball, we now have quite a few more.

The rules started to change about two years after the original 13 were developed. The first rule changes were the four fundamental principles of the game. Players with the ball must not make progress, the goal is above the head of the players, roughness is eliminated, and a player may not receive the ball by use of contact, these are the four fundamental principles. Five players were allowed on the court from each team after since the original nine were too many players to have on the court at one time.

Players were allowed unlimited fouls up till when the five foul limit was adopted. Once a player reached the foul limit they were removed from the rest of the game. The next two rules were changes of equipment. Glass backboards replaced the wood ones, and a basketball was invented, so the soccer balls were no longer needed. In , the hoops were changed from peach baskets to metal baskets. The metal baskets had a hole in the middle and a pole was used to hit the ball out of the hoop.

Climbing a ladder was originally how the ball was retrieved after a shot was made. Finally, in , the hoops we have today were developed, the metal rims and net.

This was the last edition to the equipment rule changes. The next major changes that helped to increase the speed of the game were the dribbling and shooting rules. Dribbling was allowed from the beginning; however you were not allowed to dribble in and take a shot. In , this rule changed and we now have lay-ups and fast breaks. A jump ball is when the referee tosses the ball up at half court and two players jumped to win the ball out of the air.

Jump balls were used for everything from fouls to some sort of play stoppage until when the uses of jump balls were eliminated. Free throws, otherwise known as foul shots, have been around since , but it was only since that the person fouled had to shoot the foul shots. Anyone could shoot the foul shot, in which case teams had one player who specialized in foul shooting, this rule had to change because of disadvantages towards each team.

The jump shot was first brought into play, along with dunking. In addition to dunking, goaltending was right there to defend it. The game speed picked up immensely with all of the rule adaptations. Another time change is the addition of the second rule, which is used when the offense has the ball and is bringing the ball up the court. The ten seconds is how long they have to bring the ball across mid-court.

These new rules went against the offense so that they could not stall the ball. There were a number of basketball leagues throughout the years. However, most of them were unsuccessful after so many seasons. In , basketball was recognized as an Olympic Team. The NBA had seventeen teams in three divisions. The ABA existed for nine seasons from

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- The National Basketball Association is the most popular professional basketball league in North America; it is also the most popular professional basketball league in the world. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is one of the most diverse businesses in the world, which was the deliberate plan of former NBA commissioner David Stern.

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