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How to Write a Cultural Background Paper

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❶Diversity in my cultural background is due to ignorance of cultural background language. Accessed 14 September

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What Is a Example of a Cultural Pattern?
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What Is the Meaning of Cultural Background?

No matter what type of cultural background paper you're writing, you must conduct research. Books, journal articles, studies, research findings and primary sources can provide you with reputable information for your paper. Organize your cultural background paper. You should have at least three main points or sections to your essay.

For example, you might discuss three major aspects of the culture's history, such as war, religion and entertainment. For persuasive or argumentative papers, you should have at least three reasons that back up your theory or claim. Match your research with your major sections. For each section, you should have reputable resources. Cultural studies papers need evidence to back up claims.

It became a pleasant, welcomed, and enlightening revelation. I read books about Africa, searched the web for more information and watched movies about Africa. It was a moment of discovery. I connected to our cultural past. I have not let up until today. Having lived in America all these years, I know I have developed an entirely new culture that is neither African nor America. It might yet be a blend of both cultures. I have in me the clannish African and the independent American.

The influences on me to develop a new culture are varied. Interaction with those people who belong to other dominant cultures, opportunities to experience these other cultures first hand, unconsciously picking up the best in each one and living it are possibly the first ones that come to mind. The world is getting smaller by the day. With the advent of modern means of travel and communications getting in touch is relatively easy.

Cultures meet and merge every second, every day. Accessed September 14, We will write a custom essay sample on Cultural Background Paper specifically for you. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less.

Cultural Background Paper Essay. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Paper 36 , Cultural background 9. How about make it original? Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. A nurse must be able to communicate to…… [Read More]. Cultural Competence Sensitivity and Empowerment Nursing. Nursing The changing demographics of the modern-day multicultural world are increasingly challenging healthcare professionals to consider cultural diversity as a priority in the health sector.

Being able to deliver effective care to patients from diverse backgrounds begins with understanding the values, beliefs, and customs associated with different cultures. This text summarizes the writer's experience in a Native American powwow, and explores the effect of the Native American culture on the nursing profession.

Cultural Competence, Sensitivity and Empowerment Diversity is a word that perhaps means something different to each and every individual Campinha-Bacote, What is for sure, however, is that the changing demographics of the modern-day multicultural world have, and continue to challenge healthcare professionals to consider cultural diversity as a fundamental concern in the health sector.

Cultural care of an Aboriginal patient in an Australian hospital. Australia, indigenous people recognize themselves as belonging to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or by descent, and also identified as the same by the society. A resistance has been observed in them to access hospitals for healthcare.

Therefore, healthcare professionals need to plan, implement and maintain appropriate policies for their treatment. Also, cross-cultural awareness training should be given to paediatric hospital staff. The poor health status of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians is well documented, and has been the subject of official policy and program attention for many years.

The mainstream health system has responded to increased funding and clear portfolio responsibility, with increasing attention to the burden of illness that Aboriginal people experience and the need for effective health care Dwyer et al. I would thus make arrangement for proper…… [Read More]. Clothing is a very important concept in India and a person is likely to focus on adopting a certain dress style according to the circumstances he or she comes across.

Factors like ethnicity, geography, climate, and cultural background are essential in determining the attitudes that a person is likely to take on with regard to dress style. Dressing styles have evolved from Langotas and loincloths to more elaborate costumes that Indians are probable to wear when they attend festivities. The Sari is the most popular form of dress for Indian women and is typically wrapped around the lower part of the body with one of its ends and taken over the…… [Read More].

Culture among Immigrant Women from Sub-Saharan Africa Diagnosed with Chronic Diseases, Living in Grande Prairie, Alberta The concept culture is defined as learned beliefs revealing the method people interact with their physical and social environment generally shared among a large segment of the population and transmitted from one generation to the other. These beliefs can include body size, habit and food habit.

This proposal discusses the impact culture among immigrant women from Sub-Saharan Africa diagnosed with chronic diseases, living in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

The review of the literature and its outcomes reveal that SSA women in Canada still prefer using the traditional medicine rather than western medicine. Moreover, African women in Canada diagnosed with chronic disease continue indulging unhealthy lifestyle that includes overeating to gain body weight because of the cultural beliefs that overweight is associated with wealth and prestige. Value of Cultural Diversity. Cultural Diversity in the United States The United States is one of the most multi-culturally diverse nations in the world.

It has often been described as a melting point in which diverse cultures converge. The country is filled with people drawn from different cultures such as Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Europeans. This study focuses on the concept and importance of cultural diversity in the U. I believe that cultural diversity is desirable in the United States because it fosters harmonious interaction of people: Culture refers to an integrated system of learned conduct or behavior patterns that are distinct with members of a given society.

As such, culture refers to a people's way of thinking or living. It incorporates people's traditions, religions, mode of dressing, language, values, and beliefs. Language allows people to establish a sense…… [Read More]. Valuing and understanding cultural diversity form the solutions to defying racism.

A denial of cultural expression implies limiting the demonstration of distinctive views regarding life and inter-generational knowledge transfer Lovely, When these issues aren't focused on, it can result in the…… [Read More]. Cultural Diversity Refers to the Diverse Varieties. Cultural diversity refers to the diverse varieties of human cultures that exist in a certain region, society or in the world as a whole. The characteristics of diversity may include ethnicity, traditions, geographic background, language spoken, religious beliefs, race or physical features.

This term is also based on the idea that different cultures should respect each other's differences. With the global integration, the need for communication in accordance with other person's cultural awareness has intensified. Many times, any gesture that is considered offensive in one culture is completely accepted in the other culture. Hence, people sometimes develop misunderstandings when communicating with someone from a different culture.

Therefore, it is essential that differences are appreciated for an effective communication. I am a Christian man who is originally from Ukraine. My mother tongue is Ukrainian and I came to United States some 10 years ago.

I am very moderate in my religious…… [Read More]. Cultural Aspects of Consumer Behavior. The entire sample was highly educated with The majority of respondent sin Shanghai and Taipei were 18 to 25 and 26 -- 30 in Hong Kong.

The study found that each respondent base scored high on the self-expectation dimensions as shown in Table III of the report with many having a strong sense of self-esteem and seeing the value of true friendship and inner harmony. There is also a strong belief in freedom in the orientation towards life dimension of the ANOVA analysis completed, just short of true friendship as a fundamental value in the analysis Tai, Cultural Concerns Influences Cultural Factors This paper will examine and evaluate the cultural influences and apprehensions of today's modern societies with mixed cultures and also the impact on the justices system.

This paper will deal with the way the cultural concerns influence administration of security and justice. The paper is going to reveal some contemporary techniques which the police and security forces utilize in communities of mixed cultures.

The paper will additionally deal with how these factors and influences connect with and affect nondiscrimination practices inside the justice system. Lastly, the paper will address Mr. The military occupation of several nations in the centre East and Europe has placed police practices into question.

The neighborhood police forces happen to be trained through the military where the rules will vary. The individual within modern societies…… [Read More].

Cultural Observation In any culture, the way someone dresses will have an impact in identifying who they are and the traditions which are embraced. The Indian civilization has their own form of dress that is holding onto various social customs in the form of the sari. To fully understand how this is impacting society requires carefully examining the cultural context of the dress ensemble, providing a description of it and discussing various influences such as: Together, these elements will highlight the impact of these styles on different segments of society.

Katiyar, Briefly describe the cultural context of the dress practice or ensemble. The Indian sari is a strip of indistinct cloth which is worn by women. It is from four to nine yards in length and is draped over the body in various styles. The outfit is worn based upon historical traditions which are dating back to the…… [Read More]. Cultural Transmissions by the Italian. Indeed the Germans, the French, and the rest looked back to an antiquity in which their ancestors had been subjugated by the legions.

Nothing is more remarkable therefore than the rapid and irrevocable penetration of Italian ideas and practices among the "barbarians," as the Italian writers referred to them, some of whom were currently invading the peninsula.

Classical style of Italian cathedrals and churches, typical for Ancient Greek and oman pagan temples is usually not observed in buildings of enaissance epoch in Germany, Britain or France, where architecture was influenced by Gothic style, which got earlier spread in Europe.

Cultural Weddings a Wedding Can. Since weddings are meant to bring families together the unity of the community as a whole is catered for and this can be advantageous. This culture will also ensure that the customs and traditions are retained and covered from erosion by other cultures, this is because the arrangements will ensure that only individuals with similar backgrounds are brought together and no new cultures are incorporated.

To someone who does not admire the African culture this may not sound positive but I am sure to the owners of the culture this is a very big boost to them.

Now looking at the Australian cultural wedding very little seems strange but is totally different to the African ceremony. I feel that the Australian cultural wedding is more 'liberal' in nature as compared to the African wedding. This is because the weddings are based on love and agreement between two individuals.

This gives…… [Read More]. Cultural Differences in Army Officers Every society is different from the other and arranges itself under some certain value and belief system. This belief system is the basic identity of any society or a group of people and is very central in developing them as human beings. More importantly, it plays a significant role in developing the way these members of a society behave and how they interact with each other. One of these aspects which play a central role in the development of human behavior is Culture.

Culture is the fundamental characteristic that defines the way we behave and the way we interact with each other. The lack of knowledge regarding the other person culture can result in the serious lack of judgment regarding the true meaning of someone's gesture and this misinterpretation can go a long way in harming any society or a relationship between two people.

Cultural Differences of UK and. Ng and Tuen pp. Mary Kay has to adapt certain shades of make up in China, Most importantly, Chinese views "face" as a kind of "respect and consideration.

If the foreign marketers in China do not grant some favors or show respect to the Chinese counterpart, it is hard to build up a long-term…… [Read More]. Andre goes on to say some critics see Hirsch's efforts to bring culture into the classroom are not so much "cultural literacy" but more like "cultural indoctrination. For example, the question of "Whose form of knowledge, culture, vision, history and authority will prevail as the national culture?

Hirsch meanwhile answers these accusations in his Core Knowledge Web site, saying that the contend must arise from "a broad consensus of diverse groups and interests. Cultural Awareness Americans have traditionally celebrated the diversity of cultures that comprises the United States.

Despite some reservations, much of the country still believes that the amalgamation of different ethnicities contributes to the richness of American culture. The merging of cultures in the United States has also given rise to conflicts and collisions, as established concepts are confronted and challenged. New belief systems, often developed over centuries, have already redefined prevailing estern cultural concepts.

This paper examines how prevailing estern cultural concepts regarding the soul and spirituality, gender and healing have been challenged and redefined by a growing awareness of cultural alternatives. Some of these concepts, such as gender, were redefined largely within an American context.

Many, such as healing and spirituality, have been influenced by Eastern and African cultures and religions. The first part of the paper looks at the various cultural meanings of healing, as practiced by the…… [Read More]. Cultural Empowerment When planning a health promotion program, we should consider the positive empowerment process and the negative behaviors.

As we begin to understand our intended audience we can assure the most culturally-appropriate educational intervention. In doing so, we are more likely to create partnerships that help people successfully achieve lasting change and truly promote health.

One of the most common issues that are not discussed in the armed forces is military sexual trauma MST. This is when an individual will face unnecessary amounts of sexual pain from others they are serving with. A few most common forms include: This has begun to occur so frequently that the Veteran Administration conducted a study, where they found that the total amounts of MST affected: Cultural and Religious Beliefs Play a Significant. Cultural and religious beliefs play a significant role in understanding works of art that are emblematic of a particular culture or religion.

By understanding what these beliefs are, it is possible for viewers and outsiders to gain a better comprehension of both the form and meaning of a particular work. There are certain aspects of Jewish architecture, for example, which point towards the location where Solomon's Temple was erected. Without knowing such background information, those studying art would overlook many of the key symbolic interpretations of different pieces of art.

The meaning of art is oftentimes rooted in its cultural and religious significance. Without cultural and religious understanding of a civilization that produced a piece of art, the viewer can simply make a series of assumptions.

Most of those assumptions are based on importance. For instance, in artwork in which there is more than one figure represented, the viewer can…… [Read More]. Cultural Artifact Mental Health Drugs as Panacea A culture is made up of people who have developed the same language or at least dialect of a larger language , art forms, religion, and other means of distinguishing one group from another.

It can be said that all groups have a certain culture that they have established by which they are constrained. For example, a company develops a culture that is specific to it, and that culture governs everyone who works at, or is affiliated with, that company. In ethnic terms, a culture will define the ways in which one ethnic grouping is different from another.

Although certain groupings may have similar languages, religions and ways of doing things, they will also have differences which distinguish them. In the same way that different species of birds are characterized by slight differences in appearance or location, people are grouped by the culture from…… [Read More]. But these issues have also become important for those not living in a multicultural society because of the fact that world is rapidly turning into a global village.

The closer the people of the world come, the more cultural issues they are likely to encounter. For this reason, it is important to study the reasons why cultural clashes take place and find out how cultural differences affect our perceptions. The authors of the texts chosen for this paper have skillfully and appropriately highlighted these issues. Though the stories presented in these sources differ still the one thing that connects them to each other is the fact that they all revolve around cultural clashes resulting from racial, ethnic…… [Read More].

Cultural Challenges of Doing Business Overseas: However, it is critical that Steve does not forget that, despite his familiarity with Czech culture, he was born in the United States and must orient himself to the unique cultural worldview of the Czech nation Major differences and incompatibilities between cultures and risk mitigation Perhaps the most significant difference between the U. And Czech business culture is a historical one, namely the legacy of communist rule in the Czech epublic.

Cultural Profile of Danny Below Is the. Cultural Profile of Danny Below is the profile of a college Freshman using the ADRESING format by Hays Hays; Hays This method of assessment of cultural awareness is used by many clinical psychologists in order to guarantee cultural sensitivity during therapy and to provide culturally relevant care: Age or generational differences: Danny is 19, and a Freshman in college Disability: He has no visible disabilities and none of which he is aware.

He is a Christian, but is not currently attending any local church. Danny is Han Chinese. At home in Beijing, Danny is upper middle class. His parents have good jobs and are party members, though they are not rich. He is a member of the majority culture in Beijing, but is Asian minority in America. Citizen of the PRC Gender: Danny is a college freshman…… [Read More]. Cultural Diversity in Organizations Organization. The solutions are numerous and more diversified.

Knowledge is crucial for business success. There are two types of knowledge: The explicit type is easily codified, stored and transmitted to other individuals.

As opposed to the former, the tacit one is embedded in people. The size of the tacit knowledge is proportional to the diversity of the workplace. Therefore, organizations face the increasing challenge today of finding ways to grasp into the pool of tacit knowledge they own in order to create competitive advantage. This is the type of knowledge to which competition doesn't have access because it's embedded in unique individuals belonging to a give organization.

Knowledge can be enhanced by the learning process. Its final objective is to be materialized into products and services. This final stage of the process refers to the innovation part. Innovations are the most important tool an organization has in hand…… [Read More].

Cultural and Construction History of. Thomas Aquinas led the move away from the Platonic and Augustinian and toward Aristotelianism and "developed a philosophy of mind by writing that the mind was at birth a tabula rasa 'blank slate' that was given the ability to think and recognize forms or ideas through a divine spark" Haskins viii. Also, many of the medieval Arabic and Jewish key texts, such as the main works of Avicenna, Averroes and Maimonides now became available in Latin.

During the 13th Century, scholastics expanded the natural philosophy of these texts by commentaries and independent treatises. Precursors of the modern scientific method can be…… [Read More]. Charles Van Doren has concluded that the Copernican Revolution is actually the Galilean Revolution because of the scale of change introduced by Galileo's work.

The technological innovation of the Renaissance era started with the invention of the printing press the Renaissance. Even though the printing press, a mechanical device for printing multiple copies of a text on sheets of paper, was first invented in China, it was reinvented in the West by a German goldsmith and eventual printer, Johann Gutenberg, in the s.

Before Gutenberg's invention, each part of metal type for printing presses had to be individually engraved by hand. Gutenberg developed molds that permitted for the mass production of individual pieces of metal type. This permitted a widespread use of movable type, where each character is a separate block, in mirror image, and these blocks are assembled into a frame to form text.

Because of his molds, a…… [Read More]. Crusaders were able to implement feudal states throughout their travels during this period of warfare, many of which have been termed Crusader states and which were erected throughout the Holy Land and in parts of Asia Minor as well as Greece. The most famous of these, of course, was the establishment of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, which took place in and reigned until its fall in The Europeans lived in areas which were both rural as well as urban, and despite attempts to integrate with the surrounding foreigners, they did not infiltrate areas which were predominantly Muslim and which had never had many Christian dwellers Ellenblu…… [Read More].

Cultural Applications Bartone, Michael. Ideas for teacher education programs. According to Michael Bartone's article "Cultural applications: Ideas for teacher education programs," adequate preparation for teachers demands a multifaceted approach to the instructor's education. It is not enough for teachers to merely be academically competent at teaching their subject matter. Future teachers must also have an awareness of the cultural and socioeconomic background of the students they are instructing.

While the population of white students is declining, the population of non-Caucasian students is increasing across the nation, and this trend is likely to continue. However, given that the population of non-white teachers has remained steady, this means there is a vast discrepancy between the appearance and more importantly the background of the population doing the instructing and the population they are teaching. To address this problem, Bartone states, requires a multifaceted solution.

Cultural Perceptions of Time in Africa Time. Cultural Perceptions of Time in frica Time is a foundational factor in every culture. The perception of time is different for most cultures and the determining factor to those differences is often based on the means of production.

Much of the information regarding the development of time concepts in frican culture is colonial and based on the European interlopers recorded ideas. Some of those recorded ideas are those of missionaries and others are those of capitalist adventurers, with the intermittent mark of a very few true historians. In Mali, as in many other parts of frica, there are…… [Read More]. Cultural Anthropology Native anthropology" is a set of theories based on non-Western precepts and assumptions in the same sense that modern anthropology is based on and is supported by Western beliefs and values Jones, 31 "native anthropologist" differs from an anthropologist who is not native to the society being studied in the following ways.

Essentially Anthropologists can be described as either insiders or outsiders. An "insider" is a person who conducts research on the cultural, racial or ethnic group of which he or she is a member, and an "outsider" conducts research of a native culture from an objective point-of-view. However, the basic aim of anthropological field research is to describe the total culture of a group of people…… [Read More]. Cultural Capital Theory of Pierre Bourdieu the. Cultural Capital Theory of Pierre Bourdieu The section discussing Pierre Bourdieu's Theory of Reproduction, also termed as the Cultural Capitalism theory, illustrates how economic stratification results to social stratification within a society, and vice versa.

Bourdieu's Theory of Reproduction is exemplified in the educational system, where economics and social roles and classes are inevitably related with each other. In this section, the social phenomenon of socio-economic stratification between the high- and middle-class and low-class students is perpetuated. Furthermore, students belonging to low-class families are further relegated down onto the lower rungs of the socio-economic ladder, primarily because they were not given formal education simply because they could not afford to have it.

This is exemplified…… [Read More]. Cultural Intonation Cultural Differences in.

My Cultural Identity Essay: A Guide to Writing about Who You are

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This paper will emphasize the various sources that play a part in my cultural background. I was born in the state of Mississippi in a small town where the population was a mixture of White, Black and Hispanic.

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Cultural Background Paper Natesha C. Robinson SCO/ May 5th, Leslie Hart University of Phoenix Cultural Background Culture is the totality of learned, socially transmitted customs, knowledge, material objects, and behavior. It includes ideas, values, and artifacts of .

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CULTURAL FAMILY BACKGROUD 4 Parents Background My father is of Hispanic origin, with a father from Spain and a mother from Portugal. My father Eustace Gonsalves-Barreiro was born in Puerto Rico. My father Eustace Gonsalves-Barreiro was born in Puerto Rico%(12). Cultural Backgrounds of Authors Used in A Stench of Kerosene and Veronica - Cultural Backgrounds of Authors Used in A Stench of Kerosene and Veronica 'A Stench of Kerosene' is a story about a young woman, Guleri (whose family live in Chamba), living with her husband, Okeke, and his family.

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This paper will be describing some of the similarities and differences between norms of my cultural background, and norms of the dominant American cultural background. I will describe how these similarities and differences affect my life, how has my cultural background contributed to the mixture that is a dominant American cultural. UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – ) defined Culture “as the set of distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features of society . it encompasses, in addition to art and literature, lifestyles, ways of living together, value systems, traditions and beliefs.