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Dance research paper as the college thesis

❶Use parenthetical citation internal citation , using the MLA guidelines. Direct quotations, paraphrased quotations, and borrowed theories or opinions must be cited.

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This is a formal paper and it should not be written in the first person. Do not use jargon, but do explain terms not familiar to a general reader. Write the paper as if the reader is not a specialist on the subject. Write precisely, economically, accurately, and clearly. Make your title interesting. It should suggest your thesis. All papers must be typed, double-spaced, and include the list of works cited.

The paper should be standard twelve font using one-inch margins on all sides. Do not justify the right margin. Papers must be stapled in the upper left corner and the complete pledge must be written in full, signed, and included on the title page.

Since a title page is required it is not necessary, include your title, name, date, and course on the first page of text. It is your responsibility to be on time to an appointment with your Writing Consultant.

If you miss an appointment without ample notification, your grade on your research paper could be lowered by your professor.

Remember that five sources must be cited. Only list references actually cited, with the author's name in alphabetical order. Make sure to document all sources, direct quotations, paraphrases and any information and ideas that are not your own. A minimum of 5 sources will be cited: Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for this assignment.

Be sure you use the MLA style. All information must be cited that is not common knowledge or your own ideas in the bibliography, which becomes Works Cited on the final draft. How do you evaluate or rate a web site? Consider the following questions as you use various web pages on the Internet. Remember the currency, quality and the authority of any information resource is crucial. Do not believe everything you read.

People can create fiction on computers as easily as they can in print or aural media. Who wrote or compiled the information?

What is their authority to write or speak on this topic? Who is providing the information or sponsoring the web site? Do they have a vested interest in a particular point of view? How up-to-date is the information in the resource? How accurate is the information? How easy is it to search the web site? Use parenthetical citation internal citation , using the MLA guidelines. Direct quotations, paraphrased quotations, and borrowed theories or opinions must be cited. Do not provide citations for common knowledge.

Dance can be practiced by everyone and can be studied intensely, or improvised on the spot. Originating cultures of dance date back to the dawn of every culture. Dance in its rawest form was practiced by Stone-Age people to induce good hunting, good weather, or fertility.

As cultures developed, more organized dance originated, more complex steps evolved as music, and musical compositions and instruments developed. Most ballroom dancing, such as the waltz, evolved from European influence. Spanish and Latin American cultures gave us the salsa and cha-cha dancing styles. Rhythms are the building blocks of dance.

Most of our rock, country, blues and jazz are based on four-four timing. That means that there are four beats to each measure. Rarely does popular music stray from this rhythm. It can be doubled, tripled or even more, but the basics of four-four still remain. One alternative is sometimes heard; the waltz timing.

Country and classical and some contemporary pop use waltz timing which only has three beats per measure. Dancing is highly effected by this change in rhythm. Four beats per measure is easy to dance to, but with waltz timing, it almost has to be learned to dance to it properly. Free-form dancing is up to the individual and anyone can do it. There is no right or wrong way to do it and it's left to the individual to improvise. Free-form is usually not done while touching a partner.

Free-form dancing gained popularity in the United states and is probably the most prevalent of all the dance styles.

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Dance is a vast and dynamic field. The arts dance research papers are also at times quite dynamic and require a great amount of research pre-hand to compose a quality document. To help students with research, this section of Researchomatic provides quality .

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Research topics in dance and dance history can be rich combinations of influences and subjects. You can begin to develop your topic with a specific style in mind, such as ballet or tap, or specific techniques such as en pointe or gancho.

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The diversity of dance readily lends itself to study and interpretation. Dance research topics are easy to come by. Dance research can go as deep or as far back as you want to go. A research paper on modern dance looks into the form of dance that refers to formal and theatrical dance concerts. Art projects on modern dance can focus on any aspect of the genre of dance that you need our writers to focus on.

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