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consistent and reliable customer service

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❶Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant A network engineer sees reliability as guaranteed message delivery.

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Consistent and reliable customer service will hook customers and keep them returning for more business. Consumer retention enhances a company's profitability, so providing consistent and reliable customer service is good for the bottom line.

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Mar 25,  · Whether you’re self-employed or run a big corporation, customer support and service can’t be understated. By offering tech support through help-desk software or on social media platforms, you are building relationships with your customers. Those relationships can lead to trust and hopefully a boost to sales/5(7).

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A customer's point of view is subjective. If they trust my Internet service to deliver, that's more important than empirical data. Reliability is an important factor in their trust. If I . Mar 21,  · Best Answer: It is a service provided to customer as part of your job, in which the end result is the "reasonable" satisfaction of the customer. This may entail, always being on hand to answer the phone and never missing a call nor waiting too long/put on hold, and offering solutions to problems or Status: Resolved.

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13 Lesson Objective: To understand how businesses provide consistent and reliable Customer Service and why it is important to them. Task 1 - P2 In a PowerPoint, describe the characteristics of consistent and reliable customer service. Know how consistent and reliable customer service contributes to customer satisfaction. Customers want to rely on good customer service. Needing regular information all the time will lead difficulties. If you are an external customer so you won't use a supplier every time that provides you with poor goods or a careless service. .