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Résumé Help: The ABCs of Credentials on Your Résumé

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❶Excellent business analyst resume examples highlight achievements and outline specific skills necessary to perform this type of job.

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I just got a call for an interview yesterday evening. The interview i have is on Monday morning. I just checked my email and they asked me to email them a list of my credentials. I do not have any degrees or certificates. My past job history has been in call centers and customer service. This job is for a receptionist type position. Im not sure what to do or write up. I submitted my resume already, so Im really confused as to what to email them now.

Im not sure if you will get this before Monday but i appreciate your help and info! I would write them back and ask what credentials they are referring to in the note. Indicate that you submitted a resume and that your past history is with call centers and customer service.

Explain that you do not have a degree. I am a LSW is there a location on the resume where I indicate that. As a licensed social worker, you would put LSW after your name at the top of the resume. You would also include this in the academic section at the bottom, including where you completed your LSW.

I am curious why you say not to list an MFA after your name. However, adding it to the top line after your name is not appropriate. Could you please explain? An MFA is not a Ph. Typically only the advanced class of degrees and certifications appear after the name Ph. I say to include something about it in the summary so it has a presence at the top. As with anything, nothing is written in stone and if you want to include the MFA after your name, you should feel free to do so.

Hi, I am a special ed teacher with a masters in special education, how would I write that on a business card to give to parents with my contact information? Some colleges provide a Master of Education M. Depending on your degree, you could also put the degree after your name: I have a clinical doctorate in Physical therapy DPT and i am a licensed physical therapist PT which one goes first after the name?

I own a chiropractic clinic and we are listing the names of our registered massage therapists RMTs on the front window. Thanks for your help. Quick question, although not specific to resumes. I have an employee who has a BS in dietetics. She is not registered.

She routinely signs documents and emails with BSD, which I feel is incorrect as it does not rise to the level of an advanced degree. Do you believe the same rules you outlined above apply to other mediums as well email, literature, business cards? BSD would not be correct. For an undergraduate degree,the acronym is BS.

Since the employee is not registered, there should be nothing included after BS. I hope this helps! I agree bachelors are BS only. But, above, you indicate not to list credentials for undergrad degrees after your name on a resume.

Do you believe the same applies to other communication such as business cards, emails, etc? It applies to other communications as well. She would not put Jane Doe, BS on business cars or in an email signature. Debra, I have a similar question for you. I hold a B. A and am also a registered Behavioral Technician in my field.

T on business emails to my boss and the client, etc. Please let me know, as I only want to do whats appropriate, yet still appropriately communicate that I am capable. You can sign your name that way. I would just put RBT. However, there is no issue with writing it as follows: What might you suggest?

Here is what I suggest in this situation. Under the education section, instead of just calling it Education. Then, you would list the education.

I have an M. Should I put M. Ed after my name or will that be misleading? It is fine to put the credential after your name. At the bottom of your resume, make sure you reference counseling. Thank you so much for this site! My first advanced degree is a PhD in Microbiology. I will also be certified and licensed. I agree — that does sound like acronym soup. I would then recommend including all of your credentials in a separate section at the bottom. You can also reference that you have them in a summary so it appears near the top of the document.

Let me know if that helps! Is is appropriate to put ABD on my business card? It seems like a fair amount of credentials. What would be appropriate? Should I include this after my name on my resume.

You should put this after your name — especially because it is a requirement for the position you are pursuing. I am applying for a job, currently editing my resume. How about in the name topmost for my resume? I just passed the RHIT state exam last week and am cleaning up my resume.

And is there a section on my resume that I would list that credential? You would put RHIT after your name at the top. I am in Australia and have to document my credentials for an assignment I am writing for my Masters of Diabetes Education. I am a Registered nurse with a bachelor of science , I have completed a graduate certificate in remote health practice and a graduate certificate in emergency nursing already.

I am employed as a remote area nurse at present, which links in with the graduate certificate in remote health practice. Can you please give me some idea of how I should write my credentials? What credentials do you have other than the RN? You would not put BS for your bachelor of science up there. If RN is the credential, that is what you would use.

I want to include my SPED credential, but im not sure how. I would recommend referencing the credential as part of your summary at the top of your resume. You could also bold this so it stands out from the other things. This was not included on the thread, but I thought it would be a good idea to ask. How should I place the initials after my name?

Administration and Supervision Thank you for your help. You could also use: Hello Deb, I have a M. When can I begin using the ABA credential after my name.

Can it be used during completion or after completion? I have my B. How do I include all behind my name? Why would you not include the masters behind your name. You have no idea what you are talking about Debra. Are you not in the professional world? You dig up a post from , insult the author, and insinuate that she lacks professionalism. You must have a LOT of time on your hands. Is it any wonder that I now have the Styx song stuck in my head?

Ala, feel free to disagree, but there is no reason to be a jerk. Clearly, you have zero experience in the professional world and have limited social skills. On another note Deb, you rock — just ignore the haters.

I think YOU are the one who needs to evaluate your grasp of the professional world. Best of luck to you! Also, love the site, Deb! Hi… I have a rather complex situation. Can I list them after my name on the header of my resume? Also under the education and certifications section of my resume I have a diploma, another diploma in progress, a university certificate and also list the source of the three credentials.

It looks really busy.. You can list those three credentials after your name at the top. As for the other education, reference it under the education section on your resume. Should I still include this credential after my name? Thank you for your time. If having that credential after your name will support or validate your work in the area in which you do work, go ahead and include it. Given that you are a school counselor, I think that the credential might add some weight; given that, I say put it after your name.

Please help me with this question. Thank you so much. I have been a physical therapist for 23 years. I went back to school to get my doctorate. I have been signing my name with D. Since I went back to school to get my doctorate would i sign differently? I continued my education by attending University of Florida and obtained a Graduate Certification in Forensic Vocational Rehabilitation.

Is it permissible to use a graduate certificate from an accredited program as a credential? Thank you for your help. I would recommend that you reference M. Ed and CRC after your name at the top of your resume. I think that the graduate certificate I would highlight in the summary at the top and bold it at the end so it stands out. I would also include it at the end in any additional information area. Check the careersdonewrite samples page.

If you need additional help, write to me directly at debra careersdonewrite. It was not clear but a designation such as PMP follow your name on a resume. For the resume, this is not necessary on there. In absence of an interesting resume title, there is a significant chance that your resume will be overlooked or dismissed. By using the resume title to showcase your skills or experience, you are showing the recruiter that you are qualified for the job, before they even read the full resume.

Understand that it will be necessary to change your resume title over time. Resume titles play an important role in determining your success as a candidate when you apply for a job, as they showcase your capabilities from the very first glance.

However, it is extremely important to keep your resume title updated, so that it reflects your growing capabilities as effectively and accurately as possible. Change your resume title when you get a promotion. It may be necessary to change your title after a promotion, as your job position as well as your responsibilities are likely to change. Your new role may have a set of responsibilities that you never handled, or you may get some special skills that take your profile to a whole new level.

In such a case, neglecting to change your resume title may get you overlooked for opportunities that you may be capable of handling very efficiently. Update your resume when you have taken on additional responsibilities. When you are handed new possibilities at work, it is important to update your title to portray these enhanced capabilities. You may be given a new product to handle or a new geography to oversee, which can significantly enhance your personal profile.

Whenever you gain experience that may be improving your chances to bag that dream job, just go ahead and display. However, you should refrain from over exaggerating relatively minor changes. Rework your resume title when the current one loses significance.

When you are applying a job that uses very specific skills or keywords, it is a good practice to tweak your title to showcase your fitment to this role. As mentioned in the section above, it is important to use keywords and phrases that are relevant to the recruiter with respect to the job being discussed. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other.

Sources and Citations http: Resume Preparation In other languages: Title Agents work in the real estate industry and are responsible for finalizing a variety of transactions. Essential responsibilities observed on a Title Agent resume sample are making sure titles are legitimate, conducting research, solving clerical errors, maintaining working relationships with clients, and processing documents needed for loan closing. Based on our collection of resumes in the field, main job requirements are real estate experience, customer service expertise, time management, multitasking, networking, and accuracy.

Eligible candidates come from multiple educational backgrounds, and experience is more important for this role. Looking for job listings? Check out our Title Agent Jobs page. Want x more interviews guaranteed?

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You can do the same to get the attention of employers by writing enticing and informative r e sume titles for your FlexJobs profiles. When you create r e sume profiles on FlexJobs, you have the opportunity to write a title for each profile that you make.

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When you create or edit your Monster resume, you are asked to name your resume. The name you pick will be featured across the top of your resume in bold and colored text as the resume headline, so select a name that is memorable and professional. Experts suggest learning about appropriate job titles before writing the resume title field.

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Resume headlines are ideal for candidates with a lot of experience. A headline allows you to condense your skills and work experience into a brief phrase that will quickly impress the hiring manager. However, less experienced applicants can also use headlines to highlight personal attributes and skills. Title Agents work in the real estate industry and are responsible for finalizing a variety of transactions. Essential responsibilities observed on a Title Agent resume sample are making sure titles are legitimate, conducting research, solving clerical errors, maintaining working relationships with clients, and processing documents needed for loan closing.

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Your resume title is often the first information about you that employers see. To make the most of this opportunity, use your resume title to concisely describe your skills (e.g., Award-Winning Graphic Designer, Experienced . You can also include the title of the position in your document name for your resume and cover letter. You can use spaces or dashes between words; capitalizing words may help make the document name easier to read.