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Pros and Cons of Foreign Aid

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❶In many ways, foreign aid is the first step toward the hope that can be found during the process of starting over after a disaster hits. Fresh ideas currently were carried into the policy of foreign assistance.

How Much Foreign Aid Does the United States Give Each Year?

What Are Some Arguments Against Foreign Aid?
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12 Disadvantages of Foreign Aid are as follows: 1. A Small Portion of Investment: It is claimed that even under most favourable circumstances, foreign aid can only contribute a small proportion of the investment needs of a developing country. The major growth effort has to be its own.

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List of Disadvantages of Foreign Aid. 1. Increase Dependency. Less economically developed countries (LEDCs) may become increasingly dependent on donor countries, and become heavily indebted. 2. Risk of Corruption. There is likelihood that foreign financial support do not reach their rightful recipients, but go to the hands of corrupt political officials.

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3. The disadvantages of foreign aid to development "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you got rid of feeding him for a lifetime." (The Analects of Confucius) Losing the independence of economy. Although foreign aid would save a lot of lives and it would take a lot of poor people out of poverty. For example, the United States ties a percentage of aid to conditions that the recipient country purchase goods from the United Sates and implement political reform. Foreign aid that is utilized appropriately can reduce poverty in the targeted populations, while also improving access to education.

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Giving foreign aid to developing or under-developed nations has become common among first-world countries like the United States. This isn’t really surprising since extending a helping hand to poor areas has many obvious benefits, but many people point out that it can also have several adverse effects. Foreign Aid Defined. Simply put, this is the act done by a country or an international organization to help other countries in terms of supplying goods, services and monetary aid. This can be in the form of military assistance, medical aid, food and training. This can also be given as a form of loan.