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Present Tense Writing Prompts

Tips for Classroom Use
Teaching ESL: Simple Writing Prompts & Ideas

Describe a sporting event you attended recently. Describe a memorable birthday celebration. Describe a place you go for recreation or exercise. Describe your childhood home. Describe someone you respect deeply. Describe the nightlife in a city you are familiar with. Narration Tell about a recent interview. Tell about a time when you lost something. Tell about one of your fondest childhood memories. Tell about a time when you lied to your parents, boss, or teacher. Opinion What is your opinion about cellular phones?

What is your opinion about women in the military? What is your opinion about a current politician? What is your opinion about violence on television? What is your opinion about fortune telling? These are our demands. The Door Under the Stones. The Island of Dr. In Goal for the Rockets. Sent in by Katie Seafield. Are You a Monster: Students design several tests to determine if someone is a monster. Are You a Witch? Are You a Werewolf? Are You a Vampire? Got an idea for a creative writing project?

I like this hub. I hail from a country where english is the second language. We speak english but without understanding the grammar. Your's is a good hub for people like me. Expecting more hubs like this. Thanks for the interested article. Students should understand how to use each tense and practice helps strengthen achievement.

All right I have done one hub, but there will definitely be more to follow! Great hub, well written and very informative. Voted up and useful, keep up the good work!

I've found the same thing to be true with my students - but these exercises are particularly appreciated because you can start out simple and then work in other tenses as they start to feel more confident. That way they both learn the specific uses, how to use them consistently, and how each added tense can make their writing more mature and nuanced. It's such fun to watch! I struggle to find ideas for conversation classes - the student want to work on tenses, but hate contrived exercises designed to work with only one or two tenses.

Strangely, they are much happier when they write answers to the same exercises! Perhaps it's due to a fear of getting it wrong. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

To provide a better website experience, owlcation. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: Tips for Classroom Use Before we jump in, here are some tips for using these prompts in the classroom. Collect your favorites and tweak them to suit your students' backgrounds.

If doing these exercises orally, have your students write down the verbs used. For repeated situations such as, "running into an old friend on the street," compare the way different tenses affect the meaning of the answer.

Present Tense Writing Prompts The present tense, in these cases, includes the simple present "She always forgets something" and the present continuous "I am coming " , as well as the trickier present perfect "We have seen The Matrix far too many times" and present perfect continuous "She has been singing since her second glass of wine".

Simple Present Describe your daily routine. Describe a person real or imaginary in as much detail as possible. What's the most interesting thing you've learned in school or in life? What is your favorite type of public transportation?

This can be a mix of habitual or repeated actions, statement of fact or generalization and scheduled events in the near future. I guess most people stay in the city for dinner after work. What are the people around you doing? What are you doing? You meet an old friend on the street and he asks you, "So what are you up to these days? This one in particular is best if combined with present perfect continuous, below. Make up the most unlikable or annoying character you can think of and describe him or her.

This one is particularly popular with students who work in the service industry and have developed pet peeves. Your grandchild comes to visit you in the nursing home and asks you many questions. Write a conversation between you and your grandchild. How long has it been? Describe any kind of illness you like.

Bonus points if you can also include possible reasons for your illness. You run into a friend on the street and he asks you how you've been and what you've been doing. What do you say in response?


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Writing Prompts for English Language Learners and Literacy Students by Bill Zimmerman Creator, the English language. These writing prompts encourage students of all ages to write about the things Writing Prompts for English Language Learners.

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Mar 11,  · The good news is that writing in English doesn’t need to be a painful experience. By choosing topics that you’re passionate about or focusing on prompts that will put different grammar lessons into practice, you can ensure that writing is an engaging and enjoyable experience.

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Creative writing is a valuable asset both in and out of the classroom. In this lesson, you'll be provided with creative writing prompts specifically designed for use in an ESL (English as a Second. • Social Issues, ESL Songs For Teaching English, Creative Writing Prompts I used this lesson with middle school pre-intermediate and intermediate students. The worksheet has three parts, the first is a lyrics gap-fill to get students familiar with the lyrics.5/5(4).

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Here are 7 creative writing prompts for ESL students inspired by America's stunning National Parks. Crack open your writing journal, and start writing! One of the best ways to build vocabulary in English is to practice creative writing. Developing ESL Writing Assignments. While creativity is an important aspect of English composition, it's not always beneficial to require students to generate their own writing topics.