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❶I was surprised to find that he is on a very busy street! In the course of your studies, you are required to complete many kinds of papers all the way through your academic life.


originality in wrinting an assignment
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If Another student's paper is listed as a citation, the submission is associated with another institution and you may not be able to view it due to privacy laws. The submitted paper appears in the left panel of the report. All matching blocks of text are identified. Each source has a color specific to the source-up to 30 unique colors for 30 different sources.

Text matching a source is highlighted in the source color and identified with a number. You can turn the highlighting off and on for only one citation. Select Remove or Show Highlighting next to a citation. Select a matching block of text to display information about the original source and the probability that the block or sentence was copied from the source. Jump to the "Ultra" help for multiple attempts in SafeAssign. SafeAssign recognizes your multiple attempts for an individual assignment as submitted by the same student for the same assignment.

SafeAssign doesn't check the contents of your current attempt against content from previous submissions. If you include more than one attachment with an assignment, they are listed in the report. Select a file name link to view the file's text in the left panel and view its word count in the right panel. Sentence matching scores represent the percentage probability that two phrases have the same meaning. This number reflects the reciprocal to the probability that these two phrases are similar by chance.

For example, a score of 90 percent means that there is a 90 percent probability that these two phrases are the same. There is a 10 percent probability that they are similar by chance and not because the submitted paper includes content from the existing source-whether appropriately attributed or not.

The overall SafeAssign score indicates the probability that the submitted paper contains matches to existing sources. This score is a warning indicator only. Review papers to see if the matches are properly attributed. Apart from novelty, the work is not required to be made with an intent to be original.

What is considered is only that it is actually an independent creation in effect. In , the court in Alfred Bell Co. Catalda Arts [20] held that the question as to whether there was intent to be original was not to be considered.

The Supreme Court of the United States has also clarified that it is not necessary for the work to be artistic to qualify as original. Furthermore, in the landmark ruling, the court observed that it would be a dangerous undertaking for persons trained only to the law to constitute themselves final judges of the worth of pictorial illustrations, outside of the narrowest and most obvious limits.

At the one extreme, some works of genius would be sure to miss appreciation. Their very novelty would make them repulsive until the public had learned the new language in which their author spoke.

It may be more than doubted, for instance, whether the etchings of Goya or the paintings of Monet would have been sure of protection when seen for the first time. At the other end, copyright would be denied to pictures which appealed to a public less educated than the judge. This observation was an embodiment of the principle of artistic or aesthetic neutrality which seeks to eliminate the inherent subjectivity involved in the judges deciding whether the work is artistic, and hence, the question as to whether it warrants protection.

The principle finds four broad justifications- i lack of expertise in the judges ii fear of elitism iii fear of paternalism also called parentalism iv lack of consensus on what constitutes art.

However, scholars note that the principle of aesthetic neutrality is often violated as the adjudicators end up favouring creators of what they believe is deserving of copyright grant. In the United States, the work is not required to be non-commercial in nature for copyright protection and unlike the US trademark law, the work need to be necessarily lawful.

Therefore, works created for commercial purposes, such as advertisements can also be granted a copyright. Section 13 1 a of the Indian Copyright Act, mentions 'originality' as a requirement for copyright protection to literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works. Courts have interpreted this requirement of 'originality' in different ways.

This judgment gave rise to two doctrines i. This remains the accepted and current position of law in India as of now. However, prior to this, the Indian Courts used to follow the Sweat of the Brow approach. This theory bases the grant of copyright protection on the effort and labour that an author puts into her work as opposed to the creativity involved.

Locke's theory of labour as property has often been extended to give jurisprudential basis to this theory of copyright law. In the case of V. Gopalakrishna Kone, [23] it was held that compilations of information would meet the threshold of 'originality' under the Indian Copyright Act since it involves some level of 'skill, labour and brain'.

However, like in other jurisdictions, this theory was discarded by the Indian Courts also and the focus was shifted to the creativity involved in any work. It concerned the copyrightability of Supreme Court judgments that were copy-edited and published by Eastern Book Company.

These judgments were published along with 'headnotes' that were written by the Company itself. While explicitly discarding the Sweat of the Brow theory, the Court held that simply copy editing would not meet the threshold of originality under copyright law since it would only demonstrate an " amount of skill, labour and capital put in the inputs of the copy-edited judgments and the original or innovative thoughts for the creativity would be completely excluded. Thus, it introduced the requirement of 'creativity' under originality.

We sure had a lot of fun in New Orleans—wish you were there! We are pretty sure we had a podcast named this when we first did our show, however, you can never have too many! They are all available at the main show link—just click our podcast tab up above. We also give a brief, non-spoiler review of Ant-Man and the Wasp.

It felt really good to be doing something new. But, beyond realizing how flexible I am not, did you know that there is quite a bit of farting in yoga? I lucked out and did not do any farting, but it was not infrequent in class. Personally, made me feel like we were all friends. Where once there were only two, there are now three hosts of GFN! Regular listeners and minions can guess who this beloved former regular is.

From putting an end to Spring Forward, to Eichler houses, to the crazy house prices of Silicon valley, this episode of Greetings from Nowhere goes on a meandering journey! We also recorded tonight, so I will post again when that is ready. The world is looking brighter these days. So many good friends have been cheering me on and the scent of spring is in the air. How are you doing?


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