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It is money well spent. My daughter now loves math because she understands what she is doing. Online public school was just as politically charged as brick-and-mortar schools. He just stopped doing the work, even though he could do it.

With Math Help, the video teachings and practice problems are clear. My son actually made the comment that he wished Math Help had other subjects that could be taught in the same manner. Thumbs up for Math Help! I was concerned about how I was going to teach this subject I found that Algebra I was probably as far as I could take my children. I was also concerned about teaching two students who absorb math in totally different ways.

This program enables them to work at their own speed. I love that you can switch back and forth and use whichever math you need at the time. I especially like it that I can see exactly what was accomplished and how the students did.

As a mathematician, I appreciate the thoroughness and accuracy of the instruction. My kids thought it was very user friendly. Not much time is used to figure out just how to use the site, which means more time to learn the math. I will continue to use it. It is well worth the cost. My children are enjoying using MathHelp and learning Math in a very efficient way. I like that they can take a pretest, then decide if they need to go in depth into that lesson.

I highly recommend it. Math Help explains everything. This is working great for my daughter! She has struggled in math, but she is understanding the concepts now after starting Math Help.

The program is easy to use and very well done. I would definitely recommend Math Help to anyone who has a struggling math student. Once we started with MathHelp. He enjoyed the fact that he could turn the teacher on and off depending on what material was being taught. We did sample lessons from 4 different computer based math programs, and this was the one they chose to use for the fall.

I have 2 LD sons who struggle with math. It is solid and easy to use. My high school student needed some refreshing in algebra and MathHelp has been the perfect fit. The videos are clear and concise and he can move quickly if he understands a concept by doing the pretest or slow down and spend extra time on a concept.

We appreciate being able to print extra practice problems when needed and print the notes from each section. We will definitely be purchasing this for our fall studies! I saw this and thought — why not? We started over and she is doing so much better and understanding it better.

The way things are explained in this curriculum is very understandable! I am so thankful a friend told me about this. The lessons are short but thorough and to the point, which works really well for him. He is able to do multiple lessons a day without a problem. They are explained well, and he seems to have no problems understanding the concepts. It also takes the pressure off of me to be constantly grading and giving feedback.

We will continue using MathHelp for her last year of high school since she is responding so well. I like the ability to take a test several times with different questions each time, or quickly watch the videos with them and make sure they understand the concept without it taking a lot of my time. The number of practice questions is adequate with extra problems to print out if needed. The deep thought question has tricked me from time to time.

My 11 year old wants to use Math Help as her only math curriculum next year. That is quite an endorsement since she hates math. My 14 year old is working through geometry lessons that she needed to prepare for her national standardized test. All in all I have had no complaints from either child. I also have found it especially useful to find areas of weakness.

Math is not our favorite subject. However, that is starting to change. Everything is laid out very nicely and is easy to use. The videos and step-by-step help are really great and easy to follow.

Her motivation to do math using Math Help has greatly increased, making it much more enjoyable for us both. Two of my children are doing the Geometry. The teaching is clear, engaging and interactive. I am really grateful. My son uses it every day. He actually asked me to subscribe to it when the freebie ran out. The lessons are easy to follow and the index is well set out, making it easy to find lessons on concepts he needs extra help with. It takes the stress out of learning for her. She likes that she can see the problem, hear how to solve the problem, and can self-test to see if she has learned how to do the problems.

She enjoys printing out and working on the extra problem worksheets. My daughter is now doing the same. She much prefers it over Saxon in that the lessons are shown to her and they are short. The feedback is wonderful as well. She feels so proud when she does well.

Thank you so much for this program. It really has made math as enjoyable as it can be: I was already dreading trying to teach her algebra next school year.

The lessons are easy for her to follow, and she likes being able to repeat the videos as many times as she needs to until she gets it. I like the gradebook feature that makes it very easy for me to certify her grades.

We highly recommend MathHelp and will definitely be purchasing the year license for her to use for freshman algebra 1. After using 3 other math curricula, finally we have a program that explains each concept thoroughly. As a mom, I appreciate the opportunity the student has to relearn and retest many times. This encourages true understanding of the material. The MathHelp curriculum provides every opportunity for math success. I wish we had been using it all year!

Being able to watch the math problems step-by-step makes it so much easier! It is amazing seeing the reaction when my child realizes how to do each step. The teacher is wonderful at explaining all the processes. I really really enjoy this product and will continue to use it in the future. His advances in math are astounding.

The lessons are so easy to understand. He can do math on his own now without struggling. He even likes math now! She has a math textbook, but she really wanted a teacher to show her how to do the problems. With this program, she can look up the math concept she needs help with and watch a great video presentation on how to work the problems. She can also test her understanding with a pre-test and additional math practice problems. Thanks for making this program available!

I will be sharing this with my homeschooling friends! They despised it and groaned every time they had to work on Geometry lessons or problems. We tried the free trial of MathHelp and really liked it. Therefore, we are using MathHelp for Algebra 2 this year. Your high schooler will be taught by a great and easy-to-understand teacher. No math book is needed, everything is done online. We looked at several other programs, and the teachers talked fast, and were harder to understand.

This is just right, and the feedback system is great. This summer my 15 year old completed the High School Geometry. She begged to continue using MathHelp for Algebra 2. Math was not a strong subject for me, so I was thrilled to find such a comprehensive curriculum that my son could do independently. My son says that the lessons are laid out in an easy-to-understand format. He also said that the instructors do not ramble on like his previous math teachers in school!

We have told other homeschool families about the program and I look forward to signing up again next year as well. Thanks so much for offering this to home schoolers!! This is a great program for visual learners. Sometimes it takes going over a lesson several times for my son to understand a concept.

The lessons are short enough to hold his attention and the practice problems are wonderful, because they proceed step by step through each problem. Many lessons correspond to exact lessons in, for example, Saxon. You can type in a page number from the Saxon book, and get a YourTeacher. I would strongly recommend this program. We plan to use it from pre-algebra to Calc! My 12 year-old son was intimidated by math, but with Math Help, every topic is explained fully and consistently with video and printable material for extra practice.

It was always a struggle to get him to work in his Saxon workbook, but Math Help appeals to his visual learning style with real teachers doing the lesson on a white board.

Parents can keep track of lessons completed and the overall score of quizzes completed. No cartoons, no cutesy graphics, no games, yet he loves it! Since math has never been my strong subject, we will definitely continue to use this product. I have been able to learn from it as well! I never thought I would hear this coming from a teenager having to complete a Geometry class. We will be signing up again next year for sure!!!!

My daughter loves the tone of each lesson and enjoys moving through at her own pace. I feel even more positive because I know we have four levels of math topics to explore and will have the same support for each. Yes, it is easy and quick! Just buy university assignments online and enjoy. We offer cheap homework help online because we know how hard it may be.

It is much simpler when you use 5Homework. You can order online homework on our website and forget about all problems. Imagine, all writing home tasks will be done perfectly for you. There is no need to worry about writing boring essays and solving math tasks anymore;. So for solving your problems you have to make three simple steps:. Cookies are used on our website to give you a more satisfying browsing experience, and personalize content for every user.

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Homeschool Math is a comprehensive math resource site for homeschooling parents, parents, and teachers that includes free math worksheets, lessons, online math games lists, ebooks, a curriculum guide, reviews, and more. His homeschool “homework” is to learn them on his own now. Now she comes to me with legitimate questions and is actually looking for help – not an argument of a pseudo opportunity to prove the work is “too hard” (in a very whiny voice). The concept of homework for homeschoolers is really about having children learn something.