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❶With exercise the brain cells will be released frequently which help in production of the cells in hippocampus.

Sports and exercise

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If you are exercising daily and are taking a healthy diet your body is having very less risk of developing heart diseases. The blood glucose levels of your body will also get controlled with exercising. They will help in preventing or delaying the type 2 diabetes. Obesity is one of the prime factors of diabetes which can be controlled if one exercises daily.

We hope now you know the importance of exercise. So what are you waiting for? Your health demand fitness and proper lifestyle; for these things you must do exercise. You are mentally prepared for hard work which is necessary to do in every field of life. These are the some benefits of exercise. Here I am going to discuss some more important benefits of physical activity.

Regular exercise eases your blood pressure in those with high blood pressure levels. Fatness which has been a most complex problem is also linked with high blood pressure. Heart diseases Habitual exercise decreases your diseases significantly related to the heart.

Regular exercise keeps your muscles moving which maintain your body quite fit and you feel mentally settle down. Regular exercise also increases good cholesterol that includes high-density lipoproteins and lessens bad cholesterol that includes low-density lipoproteins.

Decrease dejection and anxiety In these days, the mental tension and worries have become very common. Almost everybody has become a victim of it. So there must be any proper way through which you may lower your depression and for this purpose, regular exercise is a very fruitful activity. If you do exercise regularly, you stay away from dejection because it lessens the mental burden largely. So daily physical activity improves your mood and you feel quite happy. Obesity Obesity is a major risk for many diseases but regular physical activity prevents you from obesity.

Daily exercise lessons body fats and gets better the body ability to use calories. When physical activity is united with proper nutrition, it reduces the chances of fatness and prevents obesity. Effect of exercise of bones Weight-bearing exercise like walking, running and jogging keeps your bones strong.

If you do exercise daily and consistently, it strengthens your muscles and bones. Help to increase brainpower In doing exercise you receive oxygen and nutrients. It balances the blood flow which increases your brainpower and you work properly with the fresh mind.

So these are the primary benefits of physical activity. Diabetes, which is a common disease with educated men in our country, is due to excessive brain-work coupled with neglect of exercise. For the victims of indigestion or dyspepsia, exercise is a great tonic. If they take a regular course of exercise even for a month, they will find most of their ailments gone, and their body and mind will regain vigor and energy. A strong and manly stature is the outcome of years of exercise.

If exercise is regularly taken, every bodily organ functions properly, giving rise to a felling of joy and cheerfulness. It is a proven fact that through regular physical exercise one can attain immense physical strength. There are different kinds of exercise suited to different constitutions.

The forms of exercise that are almost always recommended nowadays are:. Morning walk is the first is more common and is suited to almost all constitutions. Gymnastic exercises are best gone through under the guidance of an experienced teacher. To weak constitutions, gymnastics may be positively injurious.


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Exercise refers to the physical activity and mental exertion, carried out to maintain physical health and mental fitness. The benefits of exercise can be seen in everybody’s life. The benefits of exercise can be seen in everybody’s life.

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Exercise will also help in improvement of both oxygen level and blood flow in your body. With exercise the brain cells will be released frequently which help in production of the cells in hippocampus. Hippocampus is that part of the brain which helps in learning and controls the memory.

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importance of exercise essay, speech on exercise, importance of exercise speech, benefits of exercise essay, importance of exercise in daily life Related Post Importance of morning walk Ever since our childhood days, we have heard a slogan, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Importance of Exercise – Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph. Importance of Exercise – Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph: Exercise refers to the physical activity or doing some physical work on a repetitive basis to relax .

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Many people chose jogging in the morning which is a excellent way of refreshing mind. Some people use to take sits and stands and make their body active. Another important thing to exercising is eating, especially after you exercise. Always avoid exercising if there are going to be thunderstorms or lighting. Exercising in too hot weather could damage the lungs, skin, and heart.