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❶I am a working cinematographer and photographer, shooting many music videos, short films, documentaries and fashion videos, mostly in the Montreal are

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Our website content writers know exactly how to present your mission, product, and services so they make an impact. What better way to grab the attention of media outlets than with a press release? Our masterful press release writers will effortlessly generate buzz around a product or development from your company.

If you want to see an increase in your product sales, hiring a professional product description writer is the way to go. An email newsletter is a fantastic resource to develop a rapport with your customers and inform them of updates or new products.

Your customers will receive the best email newsletters with our fast and inexpensive service. A well-written white paper has the potential to influence the opinions or decisions of customers and important thought-leaders in your industry. By clarifying complicated issues or uses of certain products, white papers are a useful resource for businesses big and small.

Our platform is a subscription-based service that gives you exclusive access to our rigorously vetted writer community. We offer two plans you can choose from: I get paid every Friday, and I never have any problems with Hire writers.

Jacqueline… can i please get your email address. I need some help from you about hirewriters. They used to not have a lot of jobs available but now they always have a lot to choose from. Support is excellent and MOST of the clients are too. I just wanted to let you know that their application process has apparently changed since you wrote this.

I signed up with them a couple days ago, and I had to take a short multiple-choice grammar test and submit an essay of at least words about the last book I read. They responded with an acceptance in less than a day, and I just picked up my first job a couple hours ago. All my efforts to registerhave been fruitless. I outside the countries permitted to register on the site as writers.. Can someone help me open an account with them. I like it so far and it gives me something to do which I appreciate very much.

Anyway, if you wanna earn a little bit of money, going that route is a good way. To be perfectly honest, I like to think of my compensation as an hourly rate. On average I make between 10 on a bad day and 25 on a good day dollars per hour. As far as a part-time job goes, it beats flipping burgers. Plus I can do as much or as little, whenever I want, which accommodates my education well. Plus, after a while, you amass a number of private clients providing reliable and well-paid work.

For a time, that was all I did on the site. I have been writing for hirewriters for a couple of years. They area great site. I will admit that since things got in the way, I stopped writing there.

I am planning to get back into it since I am strapped for cash. Writing at home is ideal on so many levels. If you needed a reliable site to write at, this company is one of them.

I am starting to question this site. I have a total of 4 rejections the latest being today. I did everything as instructed. I wonder if this site is even worth it. Now, as mentioned above, they are taking out fees. The desire for certain keywords should not trump quality writing with proper grammar. The amount they took out I can understand because servers and other things needed to keep a website running cost money.

Oh, and an update from my earlier comment about my account being frozen: I did some articles starting on Sunday to yesterday and planning to do the ones that I snatched just last night. I did miss the deadline for some jobs but there are always other clients on the site that would give you the chance if you turned it in on time.

It had to be devastating especially since they pay every Friday. I just want to know what percentage exactly do they take out if you dont meet deadlines? Hello Jay, Until my account got frozen for some unknown reason sometime between Friday afternoon when I received my payout and this Saturday morning, I wrote for HireWriters for several months.

I have spent last year between Europe and Asia, and I am never tired of discovering new places and new challenges. Besides the passion for literature, I also enjoy spending my time playing the piano or experimenting new recipes.

Above that, when I am not traveling my favorite occupation still remains walking around the city with my dogs. The following semester I will attend a language course as an exchange student at Shandong University in Jinan. In my free time, I volunteer in the biggest student organization in Europe - Erasmus Student Network - an In my free time, I volunteer in the biggest student organization in Europe - Erasmus Student Network - an organization with an aim to improve youth mobility, volunteering and active citizenship.

I currently work in a Croatian start-up as a copywriter in the field of cultural tourism. Other than being a full time young employed person and a passionate volunteer, I love watching shows, reading books, writing and travelling.

Oh, and cheese - cheese is my religion! I love transfering my experiences into words, visiting explored and unexplored places and ftaking photos of the things I find interesting. I have good writing, listening and presentation skills, as well as teamwork, time management and organizational skills.

I love working in an international team. Oh, also, my vocabulary largely consists of sarcasm and pop culture references. A 31 yr old who likes to capture every opportunity to travel. I find it exciting to be able to share what I have learned from my experiences.

I hope I can inspire at least one more soul to take A Graduate in hotel management and catering I hope I can inspire at least one more soul to take traveling as a goal in life. Many - travel, work , football , liverpool , gaming , singing and so on. A Graduate in hotel management and catering technology. I'm an Ecuadorian filmmaker, a passionate traveler, and a world citizen. I love to travel by plane, book or movies. I have a technichal degree in filmmaking, and a I work as an Art Director and Assistant Director, and now I'm working on my own projects as a Director, you can see some of it on my blog.

As an AD I have great skills organizing events and people, as an Art Director I have to learn to all about design but also I'm a very good plumber, carpenter, and painter, I try gardening, but the truth is that skill I haven't be able to develop.

I have a technichal degree in filmmaking, and a Master in Film Direction. She has a great desire to inspire people and send a message of hope and a kind She has a great desire to inspire people and send a message of hope and a kind of love that never fails, never gives up, and never runs out.

Want to know where to find this love? Drop her a message. Currently, Ardys is a Leadership and Management Expert who trains and mentors leaders in the corporate industry. She has been invited to speak at different events to share her passion for leadership as well as relevant topics on life, love, and faith, from a biblical perspective.

While Ardys is committed to her work, she is also a dauntless traveler who visits untold places and then shares her numinous adventures through writing. Some college and advanced education as well as a Some college and advanced education as well as a lifetime of fascinating, extreme adventures, travel and exploration. I left Canada four years ago to pursue my own truth of what this world is really about.

In these years, I have discovered so much about why people live the way they do, why they have certain I have a bachelor of Art degree from the In these years, I have discovered so much about why people live the way they do, why they have certain attitudes and beliefs, why some things matter more than others.

My life overseas consists of striving to take part in local and expat activities, trying to really understand the local way of thinking, as well as maintaining my ever-changing ideas with my own Canadian roots. I am an artist who produces work as I travel based on things I see and experience. I also love working with people, which is why I chose to be a teacher.

Other than working and travelling overseas, I have also volunteered in several communities in Thailand, Cambodia, Mongolia, and Kenya. New Media includes all kinds of digital design: In Studio Art, I created paintings, drawings, sculptures, 3D video art, installations, as well as curated several gallery exhibitions.

I also obtained a bachelor of Education degree from the University of Toronto as a middle and high school art and social studies teacher. Two years ago, I moved from the U. As I live here, I have the unique opportunity to learn about this amazing country from the inside.

Each day, I am amazed at the unique, Bachelor of Arts in K-6 Education. Each day, I am amazed at the unique, beautiful culture and heritage of Japan.

I'm passionate about sharing these experiences that are truly unique to just one country. The last three years, I have been dominating my dreams by backpacking Southeast Asia and Australia.

In Spring of , I graduated from the I graduated from the University of Washington in

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