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Peer Pressure Essay

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❶The essay topic I think may be a bit too broad. A peer pressure essay can address the issue of peer pressure in general or it can focus on one incidence related to Peer Pressure.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ideas for writing a Peer Pressure Essay:
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A peer pressure essay can be attempted from many angles. There are many topics that come under this domain and there are also various writing styles that fit in, according to the topics. A peer pressure essay can address the issue of peer pressure in general or it can focus on one incidence related to Peer Pressure. Many issues faced by juvenile groups are attributed to Peer pressure.

Peer pressure is actually the name of the force which derives young people to act in certain ways while conforming to their peer group. Peer pressure may lead them to become juvenile. If an adolescent is caught up in bad company, he or she is forced to do whatever stuff the rest of the group is in to. This might include drugs, smoking, theft drinking or sex. Peer pressure can be positive or negative, depending on the nature of the peer group.

While negative peer pressure can turn an adolescent into a criminal, positive peer pressure can also turn a bad egg into a good one. Following are some ideas to write about while attempting a peer pressure essay: Peer pressure can be positive as well as negative as stated above. Bullying is a problem that affects millions. Many kids only bully because they're pressured to follow the "trend" and fear they will be the next victim.

Peer pressure can be positive too. An enormous amount of middle and high school students are negatively influenced academically due to peer pressure. You should include statistics to back your arguments.

A This essay will be about peer pressure B She thinks that peer pressure is bad and can cause others to make bad decisions. A there are no counterarguments in order to deal with the opposition B Her strongest point is that peer pressure leads to students making bad decisions and the Wernicke Korsokoff Syndrome because it actually shows the negative affects C Weakest point: E Talk about how bullying usually accompanies peer pressure and that those do not usually have the best outcomes ex: F Peer pressure can have positive effects too like many students feel pressured to do well in school because they want to do better than the others.

Many Middle and High School students are negatively affected by peer pressure. Teens are often pressured into drinking, by their peers. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to development of brain disorders such as Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome WKS , which can lead to learning disabilities, which would be detrimental to students Revised: Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to development of brain disorders, such as Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome WKS.

This disorder can lead to learning disabilities, which is detrimental to students. Add counterarguments and add more statistics to support your arguments. Peer pressure and the dangerous affects it has on middle and high school students every year. She is against peer pressure. It would be better if your first sentence included an actual statistic of how many middle and high school students get hurt or maybe even die in peer pressure related incidents.

Drugs also have harmful affects on the brain including memory loss and irrational thinking. There are no counterarguments — no positive aspects of peer pressure 4 A. She does not deal with the opposition — no counterarguments presented B. Her strongest point is how peer pressure leads often leads to alcohol abuse amongst high school students.

You include the name of a specific brain defect that results from consuming too much alcohol. Her weakest point is her paragraph on teen pregnancy. The arguments are organized very well and it is clear what she is discussing in each paragraph. Another reason peer pressure is negative is the loss of individuality and identity.

Feeling inclined to emulate your friends in every aspect gives way to a loss of self that may have you continuously making the wrong decisions in life even when your friends are long gone.

There are some peer groups that push you to make good decisions. Your friends could be about academics and enriching themselves culturally. Not everyone is obsessed with drinking, drugs and sex. It just requires you to choose your friends wisely based on your interests and what you have in common.

Include more facts and maybe even quotes to back up your argument and expand more on the topic maybe the inclusion of one more point that backs up your argument and definitely at least 2 counter-arguments. Against peep pressure C. Lists the different types and causes.

Use specific numbers and percentages from statistics, not just what they imply. Peer pressure leads to a variety of problems each having their own negative effect, whether it be disease or addiction. None really shown except that teens don't think they'll succumb so easily to pressure.

Not a lot of opposition stated. Teen Drinking and the negative effects. She list disorders associated with it. Teens stating they'll only take drugs one time. Should more support for why teens think this.

Argument order is fine. Each sub category is talked about separately. Try to find something to indicate that teenage years are when people are most prone to addiction. I'm not sure what can be said as a counterargument for this topic. Thesis is clear for peer pressure but the topic should be something narrower in my opinion. It's a run-on sentence. Unpopular students, or social outcasts, try desperately to fit in by cutting classes and not doing their work.

The essay topic I think may be a bit too broad. Should try picking a specific type of peer pressure related problem like teen drinking that was mentioned. A lot of body paragraphs seem too opinionated as well. A I think the essay will be about teenage peer pressure.

B The writer is against peer pressure, stating why it is bad for kids to follow the crowd. C I think it was a very good introduction stating why kids fall to peer pressure and also why peer pressure is bad.

But what is the counter-argument? A There was no opposition clearly stated. B The writer did a very good job of explaining why teens fall to peer pressure and why it is bad for them in the long run. B-Her strongest point is she listed different forms of peer pressure and elaborate them one by one. C-Her weakest point is no counterargument. D-Since the third paragraph is very short, you can combine it with second paragraph.

E-Falling into the wrong crowd will result not only changes in their personality but also the future. F-lacking of self and family control. A The essay will be about peer pressure among teens. B The writer is taking the position that she is against peer pressure. C It hooked my attention by presenting how peer pressure is hugely influencing the teens. D I think it is fine. A The writer deals with the opposition okay, but could mention more counterarguments.

C Could make the points stronger by adding some study statistics to each of your argument points. D The points are organized okay, each point is neither most effective or least effective. F Maybe peers can help one to not feel alone. As hundreds of kids enter middle and high school each year, almost every one of them is negatively influenced by peer pressure.

Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to development of brain disorders such as Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome WKS , which can lead to learning disabilities. The essay is good, but include some more study statistics to back up your points as well as one more counterargument to strengthen the essay.

Jessica You 1A I think this essay will be about how teens get effected by peer pressure. Many fall into wrong crowd and try to change to fit in. They might have low self esteem and not enough confidence. Upon entering middle school and high school, peer pressure negatively influence teens in many ways. Thursday, November 5, Peer Pressure. Drugs tend to falsely activate neurotransmitters that cause exhilaration and other pleasurable feelings that may last for a short period of time; however they also leave behind long term effects that cause memory loss and irrational thinking While drugs and alcohol can lead to harmful malfunctions of the brain there is also the case of teenage pregnancy.

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Peer pressure is stress of strain you feel from friends and school mates to act, behave, think and look a certain way. This kind of pressure can cover everything from fashion through sex and dating (Goldsmith).

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Peer pressure Peer pressure is influence that a peer group, observers or individual exerts that encourages others to change their attitudes, or behaviors to stratify to group standard. It also might encourage others to have bad attitude and behaviors for example, smoking, alcohols, drugs, etc.

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Peer pressure is the leading factor for which teens start using drugs, tobacco, and alcohol, and it is the reason why many teens are having sex at such a young age, thus teens must be educated on the importance of being independent and making their own choices. When a teen is not independent, aware of the decisions he is making, and the consequences of such decisions, it can lead to drug, alcohol, . Peer pressure is when you decide to do something, not because you want to, but because your peers. For college students, peer pressure can be good, and, in some cases be bad or both. On the other hand, peer pressure can be bad too. In these cases, peer pressure causes negative outcomes.3/5(9).