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My Social Work Graduate School Application: What Do Schools Want to See on My Resume?

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❶Associate Professor from Spring to Make sure you know the application deadlines for the film schools you're applying to so you can submit your application well before it's due.

Completing Your Film School Application

USC Office of Admission Interview FAQ
How to Make a Resume for Healthcare
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Insights into your interests, personality and motivation assist us in making fair admission decisions. The notes taken by your interviewer will be placed in your application file and the Admission Committee will refer to them when they consider your application.

Your interview will not overcome a poor application; we highly recommend you use your time to put forth the best written application you can present. What questions will be asked? Interviewers are interested in learning more about the background, interests and motivation of each student they meet. Your interview isn't a test and certainly isn't designed to make you uncomfortable.

The discussion will focus on you, so be prepared to talk about yourself! What should I wear to my interview? Business casual attire is appropriate. Should I bring anything with me to the interview resume, transcripts, etc. While it is not necessary to bring materials with you to the interview, some students find that bringing a resume may be helpful.

However, if you have a portfolio of creative works for instance, if you're interested in architecture or fine arts , please leave it at home; your interviewer will not have the time to evaluate it. How long do these interviews last? Our admission interviews are intended to last approximately 25 minutes. We typically schedule two interviews per hour. Are my parents expected to participate in the interview? Our admission interviews are intended to be one-on-one discussions between a USC representative and a prospective student.

Although your parents may certainly accompany you to the interview site, they will not participate in the interview. Will I receive a confirmation of my interview? When you schedule an interview, you will receive a confirmation page that you may print. In addition, we will e-mail you an identical confirmation when you make your reservation. Do you have driving directions to the interview sites?

We have not prepared maps or driving directions for specific interview locations. However, your confirmation page and e-mail will list the full address of your interview site. Our off-campus interviews are held in hotels, so directions should be easy to obtain using an Internet map service such as MapQuest or Google Maps. As with the first few pages of a novel or screenplay, you need to grab the reader and hook them immediately.

We cover descriptive phrases in more detail in tip number 5. However, sample CVs will only get you so far. Try to express your strengths through the design. All things being equal, the more recent roles and achievements are considered most applicable and noteworthy — and should therefore be allotted a little more space. When reviewing your resume, delete superfluous information and only keep details that are relevant to the job description or graduate program your applying to.

If quantifying your impact is challenging, or you work directly with patients, clearly describe what you accomplished, the outcomes you achieved, and tangible benefits. Write descriptive resume phrases beneath your current or past work experience, and begin sentences with action verbs to make your resume come alive.

Descriptive, action-oriented verbs give depth to your experiences. Have too many grammatical mistakes on your application and it will significantly dampen your chances of being accepted. A powerful, well-crafted, professional resume will help you stand out among the other candidates and get you through to the next round of consideration. Skip to main content. Lead Strong If your resume serves as your formal introduction, the top of the first page is the opening handshake.

Format your Resume 1. How to format your resume? Choose the best resume length How long should your resume be?

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The USC Career Center believes that writing a quality resume and cover letter for internship and full-time job opportunities begins with a targeted, one-page summary of your skills and experiences that convinces the employer you would be .

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Write a Resume Your resume is a brief highlight of the education, experiences, and skills. It is designed to attract the attention of potential employers and get you to the next step in your job search -- interviewing. Learn about resume best practices and find resume workshop schedules for current students of the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work.

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with good advice about how to write effective resumes and cover letters, each with a different opinion on Effective Resumes and Cover Letters USC Career Center Trousdale Parkway, Student Union Los Angeles, CA COMMUNITY SERVICE USC Joint Educational Project August present. Get Involved. In order to be a competative applicant, you need to have some entries on your resume or C.V. beyond your education. Therefore, make sure to take advantage of the opportunities to GET INVOLVED that USC has to offer - before senior year! Remember, if you are not taking a break from school, your application will probably be .